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Jay Kauffman

Musician, Artist, Teacher


I’m a freelance classical guitarist and composer living in New York City. If you love music because of how it enchants, how sound can be shaped into a form of magic that alters your experience of everything, then maybe we are on the same wavelength. You can find a lot of my music on Youtube and now instagram. A new CD, Archipelago for Guitar is in the works.

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A few drops of pigment and a wet paintbrush can create a world on a sheet of paper in seconds. The magic of watercolor is like the magic of sound: it fills space according to its own laws, and its harmonies are completely spontaneous and natural. I took a 15 year break from visual art and am now building a new portfolio here.

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As a student the art of guitar playing you need to know how to develop both your technical skills and your own musical voice. Whether you’re an amateur or an aspiring professional, my goal is always to find potent ways to greatly improve your practicing and music-making while keeping your inspiration flowing

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Pics from an Exhibition (Music too!)

Pics from an Exhibition (Music too!)

This concert, put on by Composer's Concordance, happened a while ago (in April), but I wanted to share it with you because now I have some videos! I've included pics of the art show as well, which was very well-recieved. I will add a few more videos of ensemble works...