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Positively Dangerous 2.0 will be launching a few weeks after the self-study course, Building the Perfect Practice Session. 

Stay tuned for updates.

“Jay’s course was transformative for me. It completely changed my approach to the instrument. The course not only revealed hidden aspects of classical guitar playing but also provided invaluable guidance on discipline and productivity in practice. Thanks to Jay’s teachings, I have experienced significant improvements in my playing and a renewed enthusiasm for my musical journey”

Josip Budulica, Belgrade, Serbia.

Course Description

This 6-part interactive pilot course is designed to help you break through limitations and master the best, fastest, and most musical ways to learn the pieces you most want to play. By joining the course and doing the work seriously, you will be getting two months of direct feedback and help from me in conquering your technical and musical hurdles, while at the same time helping me to create the best course possible for future enrolees.

Every two weeks we will be focusing together on a different core skill. The course will culminate in an online concert/showcase of what we learned.

By the end of the course you will either have either

  • learned and performed a new piece of repertoire you’ve been itching to get your fingers on, in a positively dangerous manner.
  • or you will have brought to life and fully revamped and improved a piece that you’ve been long struggling with.
  • Or both, if you have a lot of energy. I will be working through all of the material alongside you, and demoing it. and by the end of the course—just like you–I’ll have some new or transformed repertoire to show for it!

Each live session will be recorded for viewing if you can’t make it. The exact time for each session will be set depending on the most convenient time zones for those who sign up.

The course will include:

  • 5 time-unlimited online sessions (recorded) and a final concert/masterclass
  • 2 individual 45-minute coaching sessions
  • An online course portal with sequential instructional videos, exercises, and assignments.
  • An online discussion portal within which course members can interact.
  • The materials on the course portal will be available to you permanently.
  • Permanent access to all instructional videos in the course “Basic Classical Guitar Mastery” which I created in 2011.
  • Optional additional private online lessons at a generous package-discount price.
Course Dates

Course Dates

Sunday, March 26th

Introduction and Expectations: Becoming Positively Dangerous
Get started with an overview of the main skills, mindsets and goals for transforming your playing. Choose your repertoire for the course. Dig into an arsenal of the most important and effective high-reward exercises for mastering repertoire.

Sunday, April 9th

Making Technique Natural.
Learn the essence and essentials of good classical guitar technique. Identify and start to address the specific technical issues you can work on that will make the most difference to your playing.

Sunday, April 23rd

Slow Practicing and the Practice Cycle.
Learn the many specific and powerful ways you can centre your guitar practice in a state of flow that fosters both accuracy and creativity. This is how practice miracles happen. 

Sunday, May 7th

Natural Interpretation and Engaging Performance.
Get to the expressive heart of every piece you learn. Apply these essential principles and techniques to cultivate and develop your unique natural musicianship to the fullest.

Sunday, May 21st

Fixing Mistakes, Repairing, Revamping and Refining your Technique and your Repertoire
Get a jump on all the tricky, trippy, and frustrating issues associated with mistakes, blind-spots, technical hurdles, performance mind-games, memory gaps, and bad habits. Refine, fix and pull your piece into shape for performing it.
This is where we get the airplane off the ground.

Week of June 4th
 Final Concert and Wrap-up session,

Share what we’ve learned with each other in the form of a concert or a prepared recording. Party time. 

Supplemental Material for Week 1

All three of these books are highly recommended for anyone who wants to really dive into the weeds of guitar technique and guitar practicing.

From Anthony Glise's Classical Guitar Pedagogy.

Basic Seven Exercises Anthony Glise

From The Musician's Way by Gerald Klickstein

Gerald Klickstein 5 Practice Zones, Choosing Repertoire, Annd More

From David Leisner's fantastic book, Playing With Ease

Leisner Head, Face and Neck

Supplemental Material for Week 2

Leisner Alignment And Shoulders