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Classical Guitar Tips Video 8: Bouncing Hand Syndrome

These tips videos were among the first I posted to Youtube. They date back to 2011. I’m going to call them “classic.” They are short and to the point. The most popular ones were those that gave specific technical advice pertaining to the most frustrating classical guitar hurdles.
But they are all worthwhile, even if as reminders of the “best practices” when it comes to practicing.. My approach in these videos is to directly address the interface between the psychological and the physical. It’s so important to keep examining and noticing, for yourself, how your specific blind spots lead to specific kinds of tension, causing you to practice badly and to and play badly, or in the worst cases, even injure yourself.

A note—the site “classicalguitartips.net” no longer exists—or if it does by the time you view any of these, I no longer own it