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The Tao of Technique

Free videos from the Basic Classical Guitar Mastery Series



These free videos are all excerpted from a course that you can find at my teaching site, Artofguitar.net.
If these videos make you curious, check out these links:
Basic Classical Guitar Mastery (Originally Conquering Technical Hurdles 
Guitar Repertoire Courses


Table of Contents

  1. The Three Goals of Technique
  2. Left and Right Hands: the Workhorse and the Voice
  3. Exactly how to Position and Move your Right Hand
  4. Exactly how to Position and Move your Left Hand
  5. Free Stroke Control and Confidence in Three Steps
  6. Exactly How to Use Your Fingernails
  7. A Summary of What’s in the Full Course (it was originally called “Conquering Technical Hurdles”