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Rondo from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

This is a full arrangement of the Rondo for advanced players. This is perhaps the most difficult movement to perform on the classical guitar. But it does sound fantastic and is worth the effort needed to learn, memorize—and then work it up to a decent speed. I’ve worked especially hard to preserve as many of the nuances, voices, and full harmonies as possible, while at the same time eliminating details that might sound good in theory but drag it down in practice, making it impossible to achieve the lively tempo that is needed to capture the spirit of the music.

When you purchase this arrangement, you get a carefully fingered 4 page score, a score with both the tablature and musical notation, and a TAB only version. I’ve found a great way to include left hand fingering in the TAB version, which can really help you to learn it more readily. The fingering is given in blue, above and below the tab stave, so it’s not confused with fret numbers. If you print it out in black and white, the blue prints as a very clear gray.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Rondo
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Rondo
3 Pdfs: 4-Page Fully Fingered Score/ 12-Page Fully Fingered Score with TAB/ 6-Page Fully Fingered TAB
Price: $7.00

Sample 1: (Score)
Eine Kleine Rondo Sample 1

Sample 2: (Tab)
Eine Kleine Rondo Sample 3

Sample 3: (Score + Tab)

Eine Kleine Rondo Sample 2


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