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This is a full arrangement of the Romanze, for advanced players. It’s quite amenable to the classical guitar…but the third section was a special challenge to transcribe, with it’s call/answer figurations between the high and low voices while at the same time maintaining a light, running accompaniment. If you leave out this section, which is twice as difficult as the rest of the piece, it still actually sounds lovely and can be performed by an advanced intermediate player.

When you purchase this arrangement, you get a carefully fingered 4 page score, a score with both the tablature and musical notation, and a TAB only version. I’ve found a great way to include left hand fingering in the TAB version, which can really help you to learn it more readily.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Romanze
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Romanze
3 Pdfs: 4-Page Fully Fingered Score/ 12-Page Fully Fingered Score with TAB/ 6-Page Fully Fingered TAB
Price: $7.00


Eine Kleine Romanze Sample 1

TAB Sample

Eine Kleine Romanze Sample 2


Score + TAB Sample

Eine Kleine Romanze Sample 3

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