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Pics from an Exhibition (Music too!)

This concert, put on by Composer’s Concordance, happened a while ago (in April), but I wanted to share it with you because now I have some videos! I’ve included pics of the art show as well, which was very well-recieved. I will add a few more videos of ensemble works I was involved in in the next days.

If you live on the Upper West Side, I encourage you to visit Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center, Just visiting and interacting with them a a few times, I had a wonderful experience and got a strong impression of how great their community arts, music and theater classes and programs are!

Elegy In the Old Style

By Igor Vorobyev

This is the US premiere of a beautiful and masterful work for the guitar by a Russian composer. to me it seems both romantic and impressionistic in style. I hope I have the opportunity to perform it again! It was a tricky piece to learn, and technically difficult to play in many places—basically much of it needed to be memorized, and it wasn’t quite there yet. Because of this I edited the video in a few places –most of my mistakes happened when I went to the wrong chord or note, and then corrected it, and thus it was easy to edit those out, and leave you with a more accurate idea of the piece.