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There is a whole lot of music sitting around in my studio, and I love nothing more than to rifle through it, find something that suits my inclination for the day, and start reading it.

Daily sight-reading is a great idea for developing your skills as a guitarist. It can also be a great joy. There’s no requirement to play through anything that is too far beyond your current capabilities, as long as it challenges you a bit.

I should be clear that for these recordings, I am not sight-reading from scratch.

Most of them I’ve played before, sometimes even learned. I play through the piece several times to get a feeling for it, then I get to work applying various slow practice techniques to clean things up, solidify fingerings and shore up difficult passages. Slow practicing is the best way to learn something fast, paradoxically. Then I record a few takes, and edit and publish my favorite one.  My goal is to get them worked up well enough and quickly enough to provide you with an enjoyable listening experience. I want to get the gist of the piece, and capture its emotional essence.

I realise that sheet music is expensive, but I recommend purchasing a physical copy of music that you love and are serious about learning, if at all possible.

If you get your music online, I still recommend printing it out. There is nothing like reading music from a real, paper score that doesn’t require electricity to view, and that you can mark up and make your own. It’s similar to the joy of reading books and of using bookmarks.

You can purchase the score here:

The score is published by Tuscany Publications (my publisher.)

Dos Aires Pampeanos from Strings by Mail

Do an internet search if you need to find it in your country, or perhaps find a more affordable version.

Happy Listening, Jay