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Take a Trial Lesson

It’s good to try a lesson (or several) to see if I’m the right teacher for you.

60 minute lessons are best for classical guitar. There is a lot to cover—warming up, reading notes and exploring music and musical concepts, and most importantly, working on one to three pieces of repertoire at a time at a deeper and more rewarding level. 45 minute lessons can work if you are highly motivated and a self-starter/explorer. We won’t be able to cover as much in each lesson.




I don’t have a cancellation policy—it’s too much trouble for me to act like a doctor’s office or a corporation. I appreciate it, though if you let me know in advance about a lesson you need to cancel, and I prefer to try and reschedule it to another time in the week.




Teaching online is a special challenge

Currently I set up a special (private) page on my website for each student, online or in person. I do this for you as well as for myself, so I can keep a running record of the teaching and learning process. You don’t have to use it much or at all, in fact it’s good if you have and develop your own method of keeping pace with learning and practice complexities. But I upload all the materials and practice suggestions to this page in sections corresponding to each piece of repertoire. 

As a classical guitar student I will give also you access to any pertintent self-teaching online courses I’ve created as needed for your development. 

I also record accompaniments for songs and melodies you can play along with, as needed. I’m working on creating an online (private) selection of these recordings.

You can record the zoom sessions if you like so you can refer back to them.

Occasionally I will make a video demonstrating the concept or musical excerpt we are working on, and upload that to the site for you to view, and I will hold on to that and add it to what is available for other students—I am building up a private collection of online lessons and materials that will be available to my students as they learn with me.