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Solo Recital: San Francisco

This exciting live recording of contains over an hour of high energy, highly communicative and virtuosic guitar playing, including great live versions of the Variations on a Mongolian Folk Song, the Spooky Blues, and other published scores. It also includes a rip-roaring performance of Jose Luis Merlin’s popular Suite Del Recuerdo, and some rarely heard but highly worthwhile music by Jay: his adventuresome and quirky Quando Rondo, and three movement Sonata (published by Les Productions d’Oz.

Variations on a Mongolian Folk Song

(recorded at the San Francisco Guitar Society)


Juicy Fruit Shuffle —– Jay Kauffman
Maria Carolina —– Antonio Lauro
Valse Criollo —– Antonio Lauro

Quando Rondo —– Jay Kauffman

Introduction Freshly non Troppo
Rondo (Quando) Con Molto1st Adventure: But wait—pleading—bouncy—pushy—frantic—suave—` sentimental
Rondo (quando)
2nd Adventure: Agitato—Dolce—add water—regress pleasantly
3rd Adventure: Daydreamingly
4th Adventure: Looks like trouble…It is…
The Return

Suite del Recuerdos —– Jose Luis Merlin

1. Evocacion

2. Zamba

3. Chacarera

4. Carnavalito

5. Evocacion

7. Joropo

Threnody—–Jay Kauffman

Sonata-—–Jay Kauffman

1. Legend
2. Nocturne
3. Circle Dance

Nightshade Rounds—–Bruce MacCombie

Variations on a Mongolian Folk Song —–Jay Kauffman

Burgalesa——Federico Moreno Torroba

Spooky Blues——Jay Kauffman