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I’ve always felt like a something of a misfit guitarist. And that’s not necessarily bad. It left me free to be completely myself as a musician and guitarist.  It gave me confidence in my own ability to learn, in my own way of listening, playing, and creating music. It also left me feeling pretty lonely as a musician. And meant that I made a lot of mistakes that had to be remedied later. 

I grew up on the side of a mountain, in the Philippines, far from the nearest city, Manila.  I’ve trained at some of the best schools in the world, learned from some of the best teachers, and played and collaborated with some of the worlds best musicians, and performed in some of the worlds best venues.

After 30 years in the big, bustling city that never sleeps, New York, I moved to Tucson, a laid-back city where you can get close to nature and see the stars at night and rise at dawn to see the sun come up. 

 But now I just want to live humbly, make music that doesn’t fit into any categories.   

Misfit Guitar Academy is for all those guitarists and students who don’t feel, for whatever reason, like they quite fit in. I can show you a thing or two about musicianship and conquering those technical hurdles that may have been holding you back. I can get you playing interesting, worthwhile music. I can show you what you need to know to play the music you want to play as well as it can be possibly played. Perhaps you wish to join me.