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Listening Room

This is a selection of music that I’ve written and arranged. Plug in your computer to a good set of speakers or headphones, sit back in your easy chair, and enjoy. It’s free.

Some of the scores are available here on this site for instant download. Others are available in beautifully published editions from Tuscany Publications. For an overview of what’s currently available, go to the Catalogue of Scores.

5 Preludes

This is my first set of Preludes for solo guitar (2014). Preludes #1 and #4 were originally called “Simple Studies,” but I decided to call them preludes instead. All of five these pieces do work as studies though, of varying difficulty, as each one focuses on a few specific musical or technical challenges. For more, click here.

Prelude #1: Lullaby from a Paper Boat

Prelude #4: Maestoso–Like a Passacaglia

Prelude #5: Moto Perpetuo

Five Preludes
Five Preludes
Instant Download of 7-page Pdf Score
Price: $6.50

William Tell Overture (Finale)

This is my arrangement of the full finale (the famous part) of the William Tell Overture for solo classical guitar. For more info, click here

William Tell Overture Finale
William Tell Overture Finale
Instant download of zip file with 3 pdfs (5 pages each): 1. Urtext Score 2. Fully Fingered Score 3. TAB Only Version
Price: $12.00


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525 

I’m now done with my arrangement of the full Eine Kleine saga. All four movements are available singly or as a single purchase. Here’s the first movement, which was done in 2014. For more info, click here.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Revised 2015--3 Pdfs: 4-Page Fully Fingered Score/ 10-Page Fully Fingered Score with TAB/ 6-Page Fully Fingered TAB (Plus Bonus 2013 Version Score and TAB)
Price: $7.00
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525 Arr. for Solo Classical Guitar
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525 Arr. for Solo Classical Guitar
All 4 Movements: 1. Allegro (2015 Revision), 2. Romanze, 3. Menuetto 4. Rondo. 3 fully fingered Pdf versions of each movement: Score (13 Pages) / TAB only (20 Pages)/Score + TAB. (37 Pages) . (Includes 2013 Version of the Allegro with TAB)
Price: $21.00

Trio Sonatina for Guitar, Violin and Violoncell0 (2001)

I wrote this Trio for guitarist Tali Roth and her trio Tango Nuevo, and she performed it at Carnegie’s Weil Recital Hall. The Cellist is Chagit Glaser, and the Violinist is Humberto Ridolfi. For more info, click here.


Of all the music I’ve written, this is the one I’m the most proud of. I think it begins to fill in a huge gap in the chamber music repertoire for guitar—that gap being music with guitar that other musicians (with plenty of great music to choose from) actually want to play and enjoy working on. Chagit and Humberto really grew to love the piece, and others who’ve performed it have expressed the same to me.



Lento/Allegro Moderato

[audio:https://jaykauffman.com/Music%20Files/trio%20sonatina%20II%20(2)%20with%20amp%20remove.mp3|titles=Lento/Allegro Moderato]

Trio Sonatina for Guitar, Violin & Cello
Trio Sonatina for Guitar, Violin & Cello
8 Pdfs in a zipped package. Two Movements in full score plus separate parts for each instrument.
Price: $15.00

Island Three

Each one of these Islands is a musical stop on a trip through a guitarchipelago (yes, I did make that horrible pun.), giving you a sense of setting for your sojourn there.   On this particular island: horses, picturesque mountain trails, a lovely valley, and the promise of adventure  I also wrote this piece so I’d be forced to practice my scales. To explore more Islands, click here.