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I’m Jay Kauffman, a guitarist, teacher, composer, and illustrator. I recently moved to Tucson, Arizona, and am seeking to fill my studio, Art of Guitar Academy, both locally and online. A major goal of the Art of Guitar Academy is to create and hold a space of inspiration, support and challenge in service of your ongoing improvement.

Whether you are

  • A classical guitar lover looking for help beginning your journey or mastering this difficult instrument in a way that minimises the frustration and maximises the enjoyment and satisfaction
  • A composer, songwriter, or crossover musician looking for help bringing your creativity to fruition with fresh ideas, concepts and techniques
  • A parent who is looking for a way to bring confidence, inspiration, and joy into your child’s life by giving them the opportunity to learn a skill that will be with them for the rest of their lives
  • A late starter or someone catching up on lost guitar time, looking for help cutting through the confusion, tips, lists, videos, technique manuals so you can get your fingers to play the music your ears love to hear.

Classical Guitar Lovers

Composers, Songwriters and Crossover Musicians

Acoustic Guitar Players

Who Am I and What Do I Do?

I fell in love with the classical guitar as a young boy while living on the side of a mountain in the Philippine Islands. I had a few books with notes in them, so I learned to read music. I didn’t want to do much more than play guitar during high-school.  The guitar took me to New York City, where I went to Juilliard School. It sustained me in New York for 30 years, performing and teaching. It took me around the world, performing concerts as far as India, China and Mongolia.  Enough of the big city. Now I live in spacious and beautiful Arizona, where I have a studio overlooking wonderful nature, and am teaching, recording, painting, and learning how to grow sunflowers, squash and tomatoes. And hopefully strawberries.

All Images and Artwork ©Jay Kauffman

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