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Free Guitar Lesson Offer

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting.

I’m offering free guitar lessons to support the development of a new online course. I’m also offering a free lesson to anyone who wants one, for whatever reason. Skip to the bottom if that’s all the info you need. Otherwise, read on!

How is your guitar practicing going these days?

Do you wish you had more time to practice? Are you constantly distracted from practicing? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by what you want to accomplish, which keeps you from picking up the guitar. Or have you simply stopped because you don’t seem to be improving?

Two things get in the way of most players fulfilling their true potential on the guitar:

1. Finding the discipline to practice consistently over time.

2. Finding the discipline to practice well–to use each moment of your practice fully–which is the only way to get true improvement.

Discipline? What is that? The best definition I’ve heard is this:

Discipline is the presence of mind to choose what you want over what you feel like.

Think about it. If you actually want to play the guitar as well as you can possibly play it,  you just have to keep choosing practicing over whatever else you may feel like doing that doesn’t get you closer to what you want. And if you actually want to keep getting better, you just have to keep choosing to use your practice time well, instead of wasting your time with rushed, habitual, unfocused, ineffectual noodling that gets you nowhere. It’s about what you want.

This is why I’m exploring the idea of creating a new interactive online course for guitarists who feel stuck. I want to inspire you to practice consistently and well, and to help you transform your approach so you can become positively dangerous on the classical guitar, even with repertoire or other issues you find the most frustrating and difficult.

I want to make sure I address everyone’s really core issues, so I’m offering a limited number of free 30-minute Zoom calls in which we’ll try to identify and begin to remedy what’s most holding you back from playing smoothly, consistently, accurately and expressively.

I normally charge $60 for a half-hour lesson, but because I’d like to gather feedback, I’m offering these lessons for free. 

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me first, just email me by clicking this link.

Otherwise, just click the blue button below, and book your free lesson!

Book your Free Lesson

 I look forward to seeing you!
It’s free! No obligations, no strings attached.

Happy practicing!