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(Island Four)

The music of the highly mysterious Island 4 is in a very free meter—musical flourishes of varying rhythmic persuasion push up against each other, like schools of fish

The guitar tuning is one of my favorite: Sixth string is E, 5th string is G, and then the usual D, G, B, E.

Written for Kristina

Dream Lullaby

(Island Eight)

This is a rare performance of the 8th Island in my Archipelago for Solo Guitar. It’s a lullaby that takes place in a dream, hence the title, Dream Lullaby.
In this piece I use a new tuning —-6th string tuned to F#—-that was perfectly suited to transcribing the magic of this particular dreamed island into music 

Written for Krisina


(Island One)

The First Island in the archipelago! Written years ago, before I even knew there was an archipelago to be discovered.

This is from a November 2016 lunch recital on the “Piano Lunch” series Christ & St.Steven’s Church in Manhattan-. Amazing acoustics and wonderful, receptive audience.

Unusual Arrangements for Solo Guitar

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik


The opening movement of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, played on solo classical guitar!

William Tell Overture


This is my arrangement of the full finale (the famous part) of Rossini’s William Tell Overture for solo classical guitar.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik


In order to transcribe this catchy piece for solo guitar, I had to tune the sixth string to D. There is a rainstorm in the background with thunder, hence all the shadowy darkness.

Cassical Guitar Repertoire Courses

Game of Thrones

(Arranged for Guitar Duet)

The irresistable theme song from Game of Thrones, by Ramin Djawadi. You can download the score for free if you sign up at Art of Guitar, my teaching site. In this FREE video course I provide play-along rehearsal videos, pointers, and an “intermediate player” version. 

Unusual Interpretation

(of Bach’s Prelude to 1st Cello Suite)

This is a contemplative interpretation, inspired in part by the tradition of “unmeasured preludes,” common to lute music during the Renaissance era. Download the score and learn how to play it here, on Art of Guitar.

Capricho Arabe

(Prelude #4)

This gorgeous work by Francisco Tarrega is such a deservedly popular piece for classical guitar! But it is tricky. Learn how to play it with the help of this detailed and informative video course on Art of Guitar.

More Music by Jay Kauffman

Spooky Blues

(in which my guitar reveals it is haunted)

This is actually the (nearly) first piece of music I ever wrote for guitar. It was published by Tuscany Publications, and makes a great, spooky, entertaining encore

Moto Perpetuo

(Prelude #5)

One of my students said this piece sounds like spring. It started out as a slur study, but I find it difficult to write anything that is just a study.


(Prelude #4)

I think this is one of the loveliest pieces that I have written so far. I wish more people would hear it and agree with me!

It was originally called “Simple Study”