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Ordering a Signed Print

Below is an unsigned print of Island Two, Bossa Paraiso. The prints are done at Tribeca Printworks. It’s a small, friendly business in downtown Manhattan. I work with them on getting things just right. When correcting colors and levels and adjusting these to the paper stock, subtle changes make a HUGE difference in the final product.  And when I see the finished print it looks so good I want to eat it.

Bossa Paraiso

I had this print at home in my studio for a week. In terms of color, detail and vividness, it was hard to see any difference between it and the original painting. I signed it at home.

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I sign, name and number each print, using prismacolor pencils. I don’t like the signature to detract from the artwork, so I choose colors and placement that doesn’t interfere or draw attention to itself.

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The Island of Milonga

I signed this print at a work table in Tribeca Labs, hot off the press, before they shipped it.

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Notice that for this print, I chose a shade of green for my signature, and another shade for the title and print number Also, when I sign my name, I let the pencil bleed over the print edge just aneensy eentsy bit (enlarge the signature to the right to see what I mean) This verifies that the signature is actually made in person, and not part of the printing process.

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