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Capital Cake

By Sienna is Swag

and Kauffman is Rockin’

Afghanistan is Kabul

Armenia is Yerevan

E. Am E Am E Am
Azerbaijan and Baku went to the zoo, and ate some stew


Am D Am D. Am. D
Bahrain and Manama went to the sauna and ate a banana

A C A C A. C.
Iran and Tehran love to mow lawns and move their pawns

Iraq and Baghdad play with their dog Bob while they watch Mulan

(we three kings riff)

Israel is Jerusalem

and Jordan is Amman

E Am
Kazakstan and Astana love to smoke marijuana and play with their pet pirhana

E Am
Kazakstan and Nur Sultan love to worship their sultan and listen to Michael Bolton

Am. D
Kuwait and Kuwait City like to pet their kitty and sit in a pit of pity

A. C
Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek would like to get a fish pet by catching it in a fishnet

Lebanon and Beirut would like to hide their loot by putting it in their boot

(we three kings riff 2x)

Oman is Masqat. (Maskat)

Qatar (Kataar) is Doha

E Am
Saudi Arabia and Riyadh made a new friend Todd who liked to paint facades

Am D
Syria and Damascus like to fill their baskets with lots of empty caskets

Tajikistan ( Tajeekistan) and Dushanbe like to show their mom what they did all day long

Turkey and Ankara learned how to conquer a lama going bonkera

(we three kings riff)

Turkmenistan is Ashkabad

United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi (Abu Dabee)

Am E Am. E
Uzbekistan and Tashkent love to sit on that bench

Am E Am
Yemen and Sanaa like to eat their Cena

And that is what you need to make Capital Cake

(we three kings riff ending in Am)

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