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Technical Tips for Classical Guitar

Habits and Blind-Spots: The Inner Game of Classical Guitar

Shortcuts and High-Leverage Practice Habits

Note: The Videos in these sections are short and to the point.

They are the first instructional videos I ever made; the sound quality (and video quality) leave a bit to be desired. I made most of these with a flip-cam and no extra gear.

My current videos have much higher high-quality sound and picture.

Most of these videos end with short “call to action” for those of you who haven’t subscribed to Art of the Guitar. (Ignore it, obviously, if  you’ve already subscribed)

Here are a few more currently free sets of video lessons:

How to play Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik


Here are links to two free ebooks

The Twenty Minute Left Hand Technique Revamp

The Top Ten Mistakes Classical Guitarists Make