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If you’re interested in contacting me for lessons, email me at jay.kauffman@gmail.com

Online Classical Guitar Lessons are $80 per hour

My teaching style is about as far from “one size fits all” as one can get. But there are  a few things that I know, through experience, I can help you with a great deal. These include but are not limited to one or more of the following issues that I’ve helped people solve, time and time again:

  • Method Madness and Tip & Pointer Overload: overwhelmed and confused by all the suggestions and tips that you read in method books, instruction manuals, or on the web
  • Ineffective Practice Syndrome : scattered concentration while practicing and not knowing what the best way is to spend your time while practicing
  • Plateau Boredom Syndrome:  barely noticing any progress for a while and wondering how to get up to the next level, and the next….
  • Bad Habits and Blind Spots galore: knowing you have some bad habits but don’t know what to do about them
  • Inspiration Seepage: feeling a lack of inspiration to practice and wishing you could find it again–or perhaps you’re inspired by a favorite guitar player and acutely conscious of how much you don’t sound like them
  • Performance Anxiety: wishing you could play confidently for others and not knowing how


  • We’ll get right to work, quickly finding a strategy to cover all the bases, and set you up with the knowledge and strategies and inspiration you need to get your practice in and really enjoy it and get better.
  • I’ll get started by assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a player, and working out what you need to work on—what your most pressing and inspiring goals are, and how to reach them.
  • I’ll start you off on some new, inspiring repertoire that will be just the right level of difficulty to challenge you without frustrating you. 
  • I’ll also show you how to breathe new life into your current repertoire.
  • And I’ll show you how to practice, including how to practice technical exercises for any skill set you’ve decided to address. We’ll work on finding a balance in your limited practice time that will enable you to grow technically, musically.
  • In and among all this we’ll deal with any blocks that get in the way of developing a sense of flow when you play.Enjoyment plus challenge leads to flow, and flow leads toever-increasing mastery.

What Technology Do I Need?
You need a computer with a webcam…most have built in webcams these days.
You need to sign up for Skype or Google Chat, both of which are free.
A credit card or paypal account. (Fees on request.) A good microphone attached to your computer would be helpful but not absolutely necessary if your computer has a built-in mic set up.

You should arrange your seating space so that I can easily see you playing guitar. Make sure that you can adjust the webcam up and down so I can see your playing or your face.