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Solo Guitar Works

Variations on a Mongolian Folk Song
“this is the exact piece for any concert performer who wishes to present something special and new.”

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Spooky Blues
Wonderful performance piece for guitar ….BE CAREFUL).”(medium difficult)
Theodore Presser New Releases

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“This piece is magnificient and deeply moving”
Montreal Guitar Society Journal

Studio recording

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Juicy Fruit Shuffle
“I refuse to apologize for the title.”
Jay Kauffman

Live Recording

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This piece is in three movements. Because it’s long, I sometimes just perform one or two movements of it—especially the last two.

Live Recording
3.Circle Dance

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Polyrhythmy 21
A long, happy piece that uses a 21-beat rhythmic cycle,
(Yes, that’s just one guitar playing all the way through)

Live Recording

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More live performances of published and unpublished music to come:
September Samba for solo guitar
Samba di Loco Moco for solo guitar
Sonoko’s Dream for solo guitar
Trio for Guitar, Violin, and Cello
The Magician for flute and guitar
Jinx on You for flute and guitar
Quando Rondo for solo guitar