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Archipelago for Solo Guitar

2015 Update: Recent expeditions have revealed that the size and scope of this Archipelago is larger than previously assumed! More Islands have begun to emerge from the mist and they are being explored with great excitement, the revelations of their long hidden musical ecology are being soaked up and rendered through the strings of my guitar as best I can manage in order to transmit them to you. Initial explorations are suggesting that there will be more than enough Islands to fill a full-length Compact Disc recording. To stay up to date on this follow Archipelago blog postings.

Islands One, Two and Three were recorded at different times and with different levels of video sophistication. Here they are in order…

Island One: Milonga

This piece also exists in an arrangement for two guitars, but here’s the original, one guitar version.

(note: there’s typo in the first 5 seconds of this video—it’s Island #1, not #3, of course.)

Island One: Milonga
Island One: Milonga
Instant Download of a 3-page Pdf score
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Island Two

This piece would probably work best with a light rhythm section and more freedom and space to improvise: I tried my best to fit it on my solo guitar. I think it kind of works:)

Island Three

I wrote this piece so I’d be forced to practice my scales.