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Guitar Tips and Videos

Welcome to my Guitar Video Tips Page!

Each one of these videos contains a little mini-lesson, one that, if you incorporate into your own practice and playing in a serious way, will help you enormously. Some of the videos are more specific to Classical Guitar, and some will be applicable to all guitar playing.

Section One:
Technical Tips

Wrist Position: How it Can Help You, How it Can Hinder You


“Hammer-Ons”—-What they really are, and how to really nail them


Bouncing Hand Syndrome—-what it is, why it’s bad, what to do about it


Free Stroke and Rest Stroke—the secret to getting the best of both worlds
(for Classical Guitar)


Shifting Cleanly—-the one most important thing you need to know to get over sloppy shifting habits


Section Two:
Worst Mistakes and Blind Spots

The Left Hand is Not the Center of the Universe—-what to do if you have developed this very common habit


Practicing with Anger—why it’s bad and what to do about it.


Unconscious Breathing Patterns that you should be paying attention to


Overexpressive Tension


Underexpressive Tension


Section Three:
BIG PICTURE TIPS: Unpopular but Important Aspects of Playing

Memorization: The most powerful technique for learning and remembering the music

Tuning: Getting Over your impatience with tuning

Tuning: A pro tip that will save you a lot of time and frustration

Warming Up: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to do it.