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Guitar for Kids

Contact me at jay.kauffman@gmail.com for further information

Currently, a large portion of my teaching time is devoted to those of the younger persuasion. I am the private guitar teacher for the Marymount School.

For younger kids, I keep it fun and interesting as they progress through the levels, and start them out right away playing simple pieces and reading music.

For older children and especially teens, I like to focus learning on their own tastes and preferences in popular or classical music, while challenging and inspiring their technical growth, giving them exercises in improvisation, and giving them a basic understanding of music theory as it applies to their favorite music.

This is not actually how I teach guitar! But it’s a great picture of my nephew and me making music together—he’s now an accomplished jazz pianist, composer, scat singer, and budding trombone player at age 13:)


Fees on request


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