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Ordering a Signed Print

Below is an unsigned print of Island Two, Bossa Paraiso. The prints are done at Tribeca Printworks. It's a small, friendly business in downtown Manhattan. I work with them on getting things just right. When correcting colors and levels and adjusting these to the paper...

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Pics from an Exhibition (Music too!)

This concert, put on by Composer's Concordance, happened a while ago (in April), but I wanted to share it with you because now I have some videos! I've included pics of the art show as well, which was very well-recieved. I will add a few more videos of ensemble works...

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Island at the Edge of the Sea

A bit of piano-tickling from Glenn Gould never hurt anyone.... I am trying to keep somewhat mum about the narrative content of the Archipelago story, but it's hard to hide some things if they are in the paintings, which are visible to all. The third island in this...

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Dream Lullaby

Here's the video from my performance of the 8th Island in my Archipelago for Solo Guitar. It was done at the Composer's Concordance 8th Annual Composers Play Composers Marathon. It's a lullaby that takes place in a dream, hence the title, Dream Lullaby. Most of the...

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Performance on May 4, 2017–Island 8 (Dream Lullaby)

I'm honored to be playing at the Composers-Play-Composers marathon this Saturday. The program is from 7 PM to 10 PM. There will be a plethora of great musicians and really cool music! Hope you can make it! I'm second on the program, so come early or at least on time...

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How To Make A Guitar-Powered Boat

First you have to design it. What does it need? Definitely a treble clef or two, a guitar, a guitar player....perhaps a mast made out of an eighth-note? Or....you could try building the mast out of a guitar fretboard instead! And definitely add a sail! Maybe the sail...

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The 997 Siren Islands of Bossa Paraiso

This is the second adventure of our guitar hero, in which he passes through the 997 islands of Bossa Paraiso. He's left his home, the Island of Milonga. He's on his way to the Last Island before he launches his tiny boat into the unknown of the Sea of Song. I wrote a...

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